Rental Applications

Each person will need to complete an Application Form. You will be required to provide sufficient documentation to meet a 100 Point Identification Check. Please bring copies of the documents with you.

  • Driver’s License  40 points

  • Passport  40 points

  • Birth Certificate  10 points

  • Other Photo Id  30 points

  • Current Wage Advice  20 points

  • Previous Tenancy Reference  20 points

  • Previous 2 rent receipts  20 points

  • Motor Vehicle reg. Certificate 10 points

  • Bank statement 10 points

  • Telephone account 10 points

  • Electricity account 10 points

  • Gas account 10 points

You will also be required to supply the following:

  • Evidence of a source of income from which the rent will be paid. (If you are not working, you will need to supply documents e.g. letter from parents stating the amount of financial support and frequency it is paid, documents from Centre link or, Austudy, and personal bank statements)

  • Three personal referees and their daytime contact numbers and e-mail addresses. (Talk to your referees first for their approval to ensure they will be available, when the property manager contacts them for a reference. Delays in processing applications can occur if referees are away on holidays etc and not contactable)

Click here to download our rental application form.